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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB

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43,500.00 35,999.00

FITS BEAUTIFULLY Whether you’re writing emails, checking social media feeds or scribbling with S Pen, the curved back of the Galaxy Note5 will sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It’s a satisfyingly compact fit.

CLICK TO ACCESS. Because S Pen is such an incredibly useful tool, quick and easy access is important. A satisfying click is all you need to have your favorite writing instrument in hand.

ON COMMAND. The improved Air Command is activated immediately when S Pen is out. It’s there on the screen waiting for you to take action.

PENMANSHIPWhile S Pen helps you get so much done, it’s pretty good at the basics as well. True-to-life pressure sensitivity and a very accurate pen tip puts you in control of your writing and drawing.

WHATEVER YOU NEED. Long pages that require scrolling can be captured as one image with S Pen. Just fire up Screen Write to capture and write notes on it before sending or saving it.

TAKE NOTES WHENEVER When ideas come flowing, you want to put pen to paper right away. Simply taking out S Pen lets you do just that even when the screen is off.

LOSE THE CORD. With Galaxy Note5, charging wirelessly is so fast and so liberating that there’ll be no turning back.

Wireless Charger image simulated. Actual product requires cable to work.

CHARGE AHEADThere’s so much you can do on Galaxy Note5, it’s vital to stay charged. That’s why wired charging is even faster giving you more power to surf, scribble and explore the world.

MORE POWER. From home to the office to the great outdoors, Galaxy Note5 comes with more ways to charge. Because there’s power in choice.

ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.Whenever you’re in need of a boost or some inspiration, the best tunes are never too far. All you have to do is turn on your Galaxy Note5.

STREAM YOUR WORLD.Sharing your own experiences with others in real time is as easy as turning on your camera. Use Live Broadcast to live the moment together.

Live Broadcast streamed on YouTube.

STEADY VIEW.The camera’s equipped with Video Digital Imaging Stabilization in addition to Optical Image Stabilization technology. Smooth and clear footage is a given.

On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note5.

FOUR SIDES. There’s always more than one side to a story and now you can bring them together with Collage and create one memorable video.

EVERY PHOTO COUNTS. The camera gives you photos that are crisp and clear, even when the sun is setting. So go ahead and take that shot.

MEMORIES IN SELFIES Selfies aren’t just about looking good, they’re also about capturing time spent together. The camera’s Advanced Selfie technology and range of effective filters ensure that the photos come out great as well.

On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note5.

CLEARLY BEAMING When you have auto real-time HDR for both photos and video, all your memories and stories are captured in the right light.

ACTION READY. Whip out your phone and snap. It takes less than a second to take a photo of the defining moment, the moment that matters.

SIDE BY SIDE. It always helps to have your notes and files on your laptop as well. Connecting the two devices couldn’t be easier with SideSync. And while you’re on your computer, respond to texts and get important reminders and alerts.


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